Band Director's Support Network

The mission of the Phi Beta Band Director's Support Network is to assist band directors throughout the State/nation by providing consultant services, professional development workshops and peer mentoring.

Services Provided
There is no charge for any of the services listed below.

1. Consultant/Clinician Services - Each member participating in the network will volunteer up to two free clinic/sessions each school year.
2. Class Coverage - PBM members will volunteer to cover classes for wither a half or full day (at the discretion of the PBM member) so a director may observe other band directors in the area where they live.
3. Mentoring - PBM members will volunteer to mentor a director and provide ongoing support and guidance to this director through email or phone.

PBM will provide one free service per year for each director submitting a request.
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PBM Band Director's Resource Network Committee
Greg Countryman
Robert McElroy
Susan Scarborough
Randy Vaughn
Paul Worosello

If you have questions concerning the BDSN, please send an email to
Greg Countryman


Scott Coulson, Alpha Chapter Executive Secretary

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