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Joel Trimble - Class of 1991

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Joel Trimble was born January 22, 1893 in Corsicana, Texas. His musical education started when a neighbor bought him a flagelet and introduced him to the world of music. Joel's parents later bought him a cornet that he learned to play while he was still very young. Joel was a self-taught musician, and could play any woodwind or brass instrument. He played in the orchestra in the old opera house in Corsicana, and there he played his first trumpet solo standing on a box in the orchestra pit. The solo was "March Me Around Again, Willie".

Joel played trumpet in the school orchestra and also wrote music. Later on he played with Merle Evans in the Brundage Shows, and again with Merle Evans when Evans was director of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey's Circus Band. He played with the Majestic Orchestra at the Byers Opera House in Ft. Worth, and also in the Ft. Worth Symphony. At one time he was 1st trumpet in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. He played professionally several years in leading theatres in Texas.

In 1917, Trimble organized and directed the first band at the Corsicana State Home. The year 1919 saw the organization of "Trimble's Band" in Corsicana with a total of 30 band members. In the 1920's Joel organized and directed the first symphony orchestra in Corsicana, and they played their concerts in the old Carnegie Library.
Joel organized and directed the Kerens Municipal Band. The Corsicana City Band was organized by Joel in 1925. He started the Corsicana High School Band in 1928, and directed this band for 12 years. At one time he was teaching band in three different high schools every day. The first Trinidad High School Band was organized by Joel in 1940. He directed the Odd Fellows Home Band and the State Home Band, both of Corsicana, for 23 years. He was a charter member of the Moslah Shrine and also started their band.

Joel wrote the Texas song that came in second in the Texas State Song Contest in 1928. "Texas, Our Texas" won the prize and his song "Texas, Dear Old Texas" was the runner up.

Joel was a charter member of T.M.E.A. One outstanding memory of Joel Trimble is that he could accompany himself on the piano with his left hand while playing a Herbert L. Clark solo on trumpet with his right hand.

Joel died June 2, 1981, and was buried in Corsicana.

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